November 06, 2019

How to figure out what a khajiit name means

The khajiit are believed to be fictional character who first came in notice after the release of Arena, in the first instalment of role playing game, Elder Scrolls which was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. 

 Most of the studies have indicated that that the khajiit can be broken in two parts where kha means desert and iit means personhood. 

The word combined means a person who walks in the desert "desert walker” and thus a name apt for Khajiit’s arid homeland.Khajiit are humanoid cats, who are bipedal and come in different shapes and sizes. 

They are ferocious cats and resemble cougars, tigers, lynx and also the domesticated breeds. colorful cloth shawls is one of their signature style.

Jewelry, and for a battle they wear leather and burnished –metal armor. They are blessed with immense cleverness, speed, and intelligence. 

They have varied skill like in alchemy, archery, lock picking, pickpocketing and for this reason they are often considered as thieves (they are nomadic and in a different continent they are seen with suspicion for these qualities).

 They are blessed with skills of trading and excelling in fights. It is for all these of their supreme powers and the names that they have made them extremely popular and interesting.

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